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Danielle Lloyd Breast Implants

English glamour model and former Miss England and Miss Great Britain, Danielle Lloyd, appears to have made a recent upgrade via breast implants.

The model is said to increased her bust size to a whopping 32E after getting a boob job. The question is, did she go too big?

Victoria Beckham Breast Implants

One of the worst mistakes women can make when getting a boob job, is getting very large implants with a very skinny frame.

When this is the case, the implants appear extremely bizzare and out of place, almost like a golf ball in a garden hose.

And that is what happen here with the beautiful Victoria Beckham, she forced huge breast implants under a very skinny low body weight body mass.

Tara Reid Breast Implants

When you decide to get breast implants, you must understand there is a risk of getting an unnatural result, often when getting large implants.

In this case, Tara Reid opted for very large breast implants and the results are rather stunning.